We all want to live happier lives but sometimes we are so caught out in our busy daily routine that we forget or postpone doing the small things that make us happy. If you are looking for ways to lead a happier life, try following these simple habits.

Create a self-care ritual

Taking care of yourself should always be a priority. However, most of us put ourselves last. We tend to take care of our loved ones and family more than we do of ourselves. Creating a self-care ritual can help you prioritize your own health and wellbeing. This can be anything from dedicating one hour each day to just relax or read a book to taking a long bath or getting yourself a massage. Find something that makes you feel happy and cuddled and schedule it into your week or at least once a month.

Make a donation

This may sound like contradicting the previous point but doing something for others can also increase your happiness. There have been several studies on how making a donation or volunteering to help someone else can increase our happiness. More than that, donating has a long-term effect on your happiness, as opposed to spending money for yourself. You don’t have to give away huge amounts of money or volunteer every day. Even a small donation once a month or whenever you have the possibility can make you feel better – like you contributed to someone else’s life. 

Keep a gratitude journal

There is a growing body of research on the relationship between gratitude and happiness, all reaching the same conclusion: expressing gratitude increases the chances of leading a happier life. Positive psychology has long focused on the concept of gratitude. Feeling grateful, even for small things, can improve your mood and make you feel happier. A gratitude journal is a way of practicing gratitude regularly. Every day, even on those days you are feeling down, write at least one thing in your life that you feel grateful for.

Meet up with friends

Relationships can have a powerful effect on our mood. We all feel the need to be connected to other people. It’s a part of our human nature and being alone for a long time can make us feel sad and even depressed. Talking to your friends and loved ones or going out to meet people can have a positive effect on your overall happiness. Even if you have a busy schedule, make sure to cut out some time to spend with your loved ones. This is also a way of disconnecting from the stress and worries of your job, study, or other chores.

Use your phone less

If you are spending too much time on your phone, especially scrolling through social media feeds, you may want to consider cutting down on that time. Apart from damaging your eyes and posture and disrupting your sleep, constantly being exposed to screens can also affect your mood. Studies have found that addiction to smartphones is directly correlated to depression. For a happier and healthier life, consider switching off your phone at least for a few hours per day.

Go out in nature 

If you live in a busy, chaotic city get out every now and then. Find a place in nature where you can breathe fresh air, walk and disconnect from all the stress and anxiety of a busy routine. If you don’t have the chance to go somewhere outside the city, find a big park with trees and alleys and take a walk or maybe lie on the grass and read a book. Remember to leave your phone at home or turn it off.